The Down and Dirty Blog: Heavy-Duty Grease

Heavy-Duty grease header

Heavy-Duty greases have a big job to do. They have to excel at lubricating under extreme conditions so construction, agriculture, transportation, and mining equipment operators can get the most out of their machinery. So, what are the considerations when creating a grease that can perform better with heavy-duty and high-load carrying equipment? This month’s blog does the heavy lifting on heavy-duty greases, detailing what you need to know to protect your equipment and maximize service life.

HPM Grease Certification: Learn About Advanced Categories

High Performance Multiuse HPM Grease Header

The National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) has launched a high-performance multiuse (HPM) grease certification. Read on for a breakdown of what this new specification means and what to expect from its High Load performance type.

The Down and Dirty Blog: Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil and Plant-Based Grease

Pack Logix Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil and Plant Based Grease

Earth Day is a yearly reminder to look at what each of us is doing to sustain the planet. In the fluid, oil, and grease industry, the push to find eco-friendlier solutions in the form of bio-based products matters year-round, driven not only by a desire to be more environmentally conscious but also by price volatility and supply challenges.

The Down and Dirty Blog: Small Pack Grease

Pack Logix Small Pack Grease - Tubes

Small pack grease is shorthand for grease in smaller packages than industrial-sized drums. Pack Logix can fill all types of products, from 0.25-ounce tubes to 400-pound drum, and small pack grease is an important part of our services. It’s a year-round seller for a number of industries.