About Pack Logix

Pack Logix offers a full range of contract manufacturing and packaging solutions for virtually all market segments. We are typically recognized as a premier contract packager of oils, lubricants, greases, fluids, and specialty products. Pack Logix also offers global sourcing, warehousing, and supply chain services to our customers. From our Fortune 500 customers to small industrial customers requiring orders as little as 1,000 units, many depend on Pack Logix to source components, fill containers, and deliver custom packaging solutions. Our ability to execute innovative packaging solutions at exceptional pricing within short lead times makes Pack Logix not only a supplier of choice, but also a strategic partner in reducing time-to-market.

Some of our products include:

  • Flexible plastic squeeze tubes, bottles, jars, and pails including LPDE, HDPE, PET, PP & PVC
  • Laminate and aluminum tubes
  • Numerous types of closures including pumps and sprayers
  • Oilers, aerosols, cartridges and metal containers
  • Acrylic and glass
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Industries Served

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Why Pack Logix?

At Pack Logix, we understand our customer’s packaging and commercial requirements. We know the challenges of large MOQs and long lead times, too much inventory, limited cash flow, and missed deadlines.

The Pack Logix Solution:

  • We are capable of small to large runs.
  • Orders are typically packaged and shipped in less than 4 weeks from the receipt of the purchase order based on stock packaging.
  • Our stock and release program ensures on-time delivery of packaging and finished product.
  • We have a large inventory of tube and bottle sizes, in addition to specialty containers.
  • Fulfillment, warehousing and logistic capabilities are value added services that allow us to offer turnkey solutions.
  • We are a global sourcing agent of custom packaging including tubes, bottles, jars and specialty containers so we can find the best product at the lowest possible price.


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