Outsource Kitting and Assembly to
Solve Workforce Challenges

Boost Resources and Meet Customer Demands By Offloading Parts of Production

It’s getting harder—and more expensive—to hire, train, and retain workers today. Amid these labor challenges, you still need to meet your customers’ demands with speed and accuracy. One way to boost your resources is by offloading kitting and assembly to a copacker. By outsourcing an aspect of your production process, you create an extension of your workforce that can perform more unskilled functions.

Kitting and Assembly Defined

What does kitting mean? Kitting is bundling two or more similar items together to make one ready-made set that’s sold or included as a single item. The kitting process generally uses an assembly line and a variety of pick and pack fulfillment methods. Though the term assembly is often used together with kitting, it has a different purpose. Assembly is when all of the individual items of a kit are arranged and readied for shipment.

Kitting is bundling two or more similar items together to make one ready-made set that’s sold or included as a single item.

Benefits of Kitting and Assembly

Using a partner for kitting and assembly can save your business time and money. Our team will package similar or complementary items together to avoid shipping multiple boxes—saving shipping costs—or repackaging bulk items into individual units.

There are other benefits of kitting, too:

  • Helps with time management: Kitting reduces the time spent handling and organizing parts versus the workload needed to send them out on a case-by-case basis.
  • Produces an effective workflow: Kitting assists in the organization and assembly of parts.
  • Makes space in the warehouse: Identifying inventory to send off straight away (whether by kitting in-house or by outsourcing the process) makes room for more stock.
Pack Logix Kitting and Assembly Warehouse

How Pack Logix Can Help

Partner with Pack Logix if you are looking for complete turnkey packaging solutions including sourcing, packaging, kitting, and assembly of industrial or retail products.
We can kit into clamshells, blisters, pre-opened bags, or skin packaging for retail sale, including packing product into point of purchase (POP) displays or bulk bins. We can assemble and package complete kits of multiple components to match your specifications. We also group the finished products into pallets and manage shipping and logistics.
There are multiple ways to supply components to be kitted. The customer can supply everything, an experienced procurement department can source items, or any combination of the two. For example, a customer could provide Pack Logix with instruction manuals and extra pieces for small parts assembly, and we could kit them together into a single bag to be included with the item’s packaging.

Pack Logix processes custom orders with a low minimum order quantity (MOQ), as low as 1,000 units. This makes our kitting and assembly services an attractive option for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and small businesses alike.

As it gets more complicated to hire in-house, outsourcing kitting and assembly is an ideal way to augment your workforce. You can keep your orders moving without sacrificing quality. Reach out now to learn more about our capabilities.

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