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Designed with today’s consumer and supply chain challenges in mind

Right now, as companies are struggling with workforce issues, it can be difficult to get products out the door. Rather than delay that process by kitting in-house, partner with Pack Logix. By offloading this small aspect of your production and logistics process, you can focus on selling products and balance other commitments during peak seasons.

At Pack Logix, we offer complete turnkey packaging solutions including packaging, kitting, and assembly of industrial or retail products. We can kit into clamshells, blisters, pre-opened bags, or skin packaging for retail sale, including packing product into point of purchase (POP) displays or bulk bins. Complete kits of multiple components can be assembled and packaged to customer specifications. Components may be supplied by the customer, sourced by our experienced procurement department, or any combination of the two. We process custom orders as low as 1,000 units, making our kitting and assembly services an attractive option for OEMs and small businesses alike.

Pack Logix Kitting Solutions

What is the Pack Logix Advantage?

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Expert Consulting

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Industry-Leading Best Practices

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Streamlined Distribution

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Variety of Turnkey Options

Clamshells, Blisters, Bags, or Skin Packaging for Retail or POP Displays
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Low Volume Custom Orders

Starting at 1000 pieces

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Why Partner with Pack Logix?

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We provide innovative, value-added packaging solutions for small to mid-sized volume orders or MOQ (minimum order quantity). Our specialized MOQ process eliminates the exorbitant fees that other packaging manufacturers require with smaller-sized orders. We’re proud to serve this essential industry niche and will never refuse your order based on size.


Our best-in-class customer service is grounded in our consistently short lead times and streamlined product manufacturing and delivery. Our High-Speed Liquid Filling Lines work in tandem with our advanced inventory management system, and stock and release program, reducing time-to-market and ensuring on-time delivery of your finished product every time.



Our reputation as a premier contract packager of oils, lubricants, greases, fluids, and specialty products, is based on our commitment to superior quality. We utilize multiple points of stringent testing for our High-Speed Liquid Filling Lines to optimize manufacturing performance. Our proven process consistently produces extremely low scrap rates, enabling us to offer a superior product at exceptional pricing.







Blister Packaging

Skin Packaging

Clamshell Packaging


Corrugate Packaging

Folding Cartons

Thermoformed Plastic

Flexible Tubes

Header Cards

Die Cut Cards

Point of Purchase (POP) Retail Displays

Lubricants, Greases & Oils

Liquid Formulas

Dry Formulas

Personal Care Products

Consumer Goods

Electronic Components

Small Parts


Package Design

Component Sourcing

Warehousing (VMI)

3PL Distribution

Offset & Screen Printing

Drop Shipping

Bar Coding



Product Integrity

Print Quality

Seal & Leak Testing

Wall Thickness Testing

Visual Inspection

1,000 Unit MOQ


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