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At Pack Logix we understand the various components of and optimal conditions for grease products. By having this expertise we are able to recommend the right product, application, and container every time.

We are committed to bringing you the best quality grease through selective sourcing, robust onsite lab testing, exceptional safety standards, and compliance with ISO 9001 requirements. Pack Logix also has the grease filling equipment and packaging to make your brand stand out, from squeeze tubes and cartridges to drums.

What Is Grease?

Pack Logix defines grease as a semisolid lubricant with thickening agents and additives. Grease acts as a sealant to minimize leakage and keep out contaminants. It must reduce friction, prevent wear, create a seal to prevent contamination, and also protect against rust.

When choosing a grease, we can help you consider qualities such as pumpability, consistency, temperature effects, and water resistance. Grease also comes in many different viscosities, and our equipment can withstand the range from 00 to 3. Read on for more information about different types of grease.

Grease Types

Aluminum complex grease is widely used in food and beverage processing plants. It is a food grade grease made with food grade white mineral oil or synthetic hydrocarbon and can be a protective anti-rust film on food processing equipment or a lubricant for machine parts. Aluminum complex greases are useful in steel mills and mining applications because of their superior water-resistance properties and higher-temperature thickener. [Read More…]
Anti-seize grease is a high-pressure lubricant and assembly compound. Made from ultra-fine aluminum, copper, and graphite particles, this silver-colored grease protects metal parts under extreme heat, pressure, and contaminating conditions to 2000°F (1095°C). The metallic and graphite particles within the grease create a longer-lasting protective film, resisting washout and burn-off. Anti-seize grease’s high solids content makes it good for slow-moving, extremely high-contact applications, as it can protect parts from galling and seizure even under extremely stressful conditions. [Read More…]
Calcium sulfonate grease is a high-performing multi-purpose grease that provides wear protection to extend component life. It is designed to withstand extreme pressure under heavy loads and is resistant to degradation across a wide range of operating temperatures. Its excellent water resistance in both salt and freshwater makes it popular for some of the largest original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as a corrosion inhibitor when transporting parts domestically and overseas. [Read More…]
Lithium complex grease is a soap grease that is of higher complexity than the normal metal soaps. It works well in automotive, construction and general industrial applications because of its high maximum operating temperature, water resistance and oil separation resistance. Lithium complex grease also has very good low-temperature pumpability, work stability and oxidation stability. [Read More…]
Lithium grease is the most common grease type used globally. It is a simple soap grease that becomes smooth textured and stable when heated. As a general-purpose/shop/industrial grease, it is used for plain/rolling-element bearings in compressors, fans, centrifugal pumps, chassis parts, U-joints, water pumps on passenger cars, track rollers, commercial lawn mowers, underground mining machinery, crushers, vibrating screens, and centralized lubrication systems. [Read More…]
Polyurea grease is a non-soap thickened grease that is becoming widely accepted as the best option for long-life applications such as electric motor bearings, automotive and off-highway constant velocity joints, and seal-for-life applications. It has excellent water resistance compared to other common grease types and excellent oxidation stability compared to other thickeners. It is more resistant to degradation by temperature and contamination than other greases. Polyurea grease also is suitable in wet and/or dirty environments and in the event of infrequent re-lubrication. [Read More…]

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