Anti-Seize Grease

Performs Well Under High Heat and Pressure Anti-Seize Grease Anti-seize grease is a high-pressure lubricant and assembly compound. Made from ultra-fine aluminum, copper, and graphite particles, this silver colored grease protects metal parts under extreme heat, pressure, and contaminating conditions to 2000°F (1095°C). The metallic and graphite particles within the grease create a longer lasting […]

Calcium Sulfonate Grease

A Novel Product Calcium Sulfonate Grease This “newer” technology and not only functions as a thickener but also as extreme pressure (EP) agent and corrosion inhibitor. Outstanding multi-purpose grease, no shortcomings or weaknesses. Benefits and Value Low additive content Calcite structure of thickener provides extreme pressure and anti wear protection Excellent oxidation resistance Excellent mechanical […]

Polyurea Grease

Long-Life Favorite Polyurea Grease Polyurea grease is a non-soap thickened grease that is becoming widely accepted as the best option for long life applications such as electric motor bearings, automotive and off highway constant velocity joints and seal for life applications. Benefits and Value Excellent water resistance compared to other common grease types Excellent oxidation […]

Aluminum Complex Grease

Food Grade Dependability Aluminum Complex Grease Aluminum complex grease is widely used in food and beverage processing plants, a food grade grease made with food grade white mineral oil or synthetic hydrocarbon. Aluminum complex greases are applicable in steel mills and mining applications because of their superior water resistance properties and higher temperature thickener. Benefits […]

Lithium Complex Grease

General Industrial Applications Lithium Complex Grease Lithium complex grease is a soap grease that is of higher complexity than the normal metal soaps. It works well in automotive, construction and general industrial applications. Benefits and Value High maximum operating temperature Very good water resistance Very good work stability Very good oil separation resistance Very good low-temperature […]