Face Supply Chain Frustrations
with a Partner and a Plan

Pack Logix Can Help Your Customers Navigate Industry-Wide Slowdowns

For lots of industries, it’s been harder this year to order items you need and have them arrive quickly. At Pack Logix, we feel your frustration. As your partner in navigating supply chain slowdowns, we’re in this together. Learn more about what is causing problems industry-wide and how our packaging and manufacturing services can offer solutions.

What Is Happening With the Supply Chain

Throughout 2021 and into 2022, the packaging industry has faced rapidly increasing costs and a limited supply of materials that companies need to package their products. The higher prices and supply issues stem from container and labor shortages, overloaded ports, accidents, and extreme weather. Price increases are causing businesses to adjust their pricing in order to meet demands, which ultimately affects the prices for end users.

The problem is that no one can say for sure when the supply problems and inflated packaging costs will subside. Some experts predict that the current transportation bottlenecks, labor shortages, and related issues may last for up to another six months to a year.

We can collaborate with you to keep your packaging costs under control while ensuring you get the supplies you need.

Why Having a Strategy Matters for Your Business

So what should you do amid this uncertain situation? Companies that want packaging supplies must decide whether they care more about having items in hand now or waiting for lower prices, which might mean delaying a purchase. Fortunately, at Pack Logix, we can collaborate with you to keep your packaging costs under control while ensuring you get the supplies you need.

How Pack Logix Can Help

With over 70 years of experience working with high-caliber products, we understand the unique conditions and quality requirements of lubrication packaging. We’re recognized as the industry’s quality-driven kitting and contract packager of oils, lubricants, greases, fluids, and specialty goods. Our consultants are here to help—that’s why we’ve created the Pack Logix Promise, to ensure that every job, big or small, experiences the same best-in-class services.
  • We are focused and committed to your success. You will never have to worry about us taking your stuff off the line. Contract packaging is all we do.
  • We are global sourcing experts. Our experienced consultants focus on helping you source the right materials for your job. We have multiple suppliers in different regions, both here and abroad, to help us maintain flexibility for our customers.
  • We are full-service solution providers. Assembly, packaging, kitting, warehousing, and logistics capabilities are just some of the value-added services we offer.
Even amid supply shifts and uncertainty in the industry, we are here to help you find the best solution for your products.

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