High-Speed Liquid Filling Lines

Pack Logix operates a 40,000 sq. ft. high-speed liquid filling operation servicing primarily the automotive and industrial market segments. This facility specializes in oils, lubricants, fluids, and solvents. Served by our 35 tank, 320,000 gallon capacity storage farm, 4 high-speed packaging lines fill bottles, pails, totes, and drums ranging from 2.5 oz. to 330 gallons. 

Adequate storage enables us to readily accept shipments in volumes up through tanker trucks and offer dedicated tanks for intermediate storage requirements of customers.

Pack Logix High-Speed Liquid Filling Bottles

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Product Filling Capabilities

Two Stroke & Four Stroke Oils
Automatic Transmission Fluid
Power Steering Fluid
Hydraulic Oils
Brake Fluids
Refrigeration Oil
Compressor Oil
Car Care Products

Packaging Materials and Container Styles

Plastic Bottles (LDPE, HDPE, PET, PP, PVC)
Numerous enclosures including pumps & sprayers
Pails, Kegs, Drums & Totes


Bottles – 2.5oz. to 2.5 gallons
Pails/Buckets – 1 to 5 gallons
Drums, Kegs, Totes – 20 to 330 gallons

Additional Services Offered

Package design
Global Component sourcing
Warehousing (VMI)
3PL Distribution
In-Line Bar coding & labeling

Testing & Quality

First Article Inspection
Seal & leak testing
Wall thickness testing

Production Volume

1,000 Unit MOQ

Industries Served


Industry Standards/Certifications

ISO 9001 Certified
Pack Logix is ISO 9001 Certified